1st session | Microblading

4 hours

The 1st session includes:
initial consultation, customized brow shaping and microblading.


2nd session | Microblading

1 hour

Follow-up retouching and perfecting.
Must be scheduled within 6-8 weeks of first session. Scheduling after this period may result in additional fees.


Annual Touch-up | Microblading

2 hours

Goes over current strokes to keep microblading looking fresh.
For current clients only.


Removal | Microblading

60 mins
$200 for the first session
$100 for following sessions

Alkaline solution used to remove previous microblading.


To determine if one is an ideal candidate for microblading.
To determine if old faded microblading needs removal before proceeding.

Brow Consultation | Microblading

15 mins


One single lash is applied to your natural lash. A classic set is generally done to achieve a more natural look.

Classic Set | Lash Extensions

2-3 hours


A combination of single and volume lashes are applied to your natural lashes. A hybrid set achieves a natural look with added volume.

Hybrid Set | Lash Extensions

2-3 hours


Volume lashes are applied to each natural lashes for the most dramatic look.

Volume Set | Lash Extensions

3 hours